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Aquatic fun can instantly turn dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. Use this Beach, Boat & Water Safety Pocket Slider(TM) to review helpful tips that will keep everyone safe when visiting the water. Great for mailing, trade shows and take-a-longs, using this colorful brochure to review helpful tips will keep everyone safe is a great way to promote a message of responsible choices in and around water!
$0.56 and up
Here is an item to "book" for upcoming tradeshows and workshops! This book marker is informative as well as useful. The page holder identifies fire hazards around the house and reviews the 4 P's of escaping fire danger, Plan, Practice, Perform and stay Put. This double-sided book slip is durable, attractive and great for educating your customers and clients. It's perfect for mailing since it fits perfectly in a #10 envelope.
$0.32 and up
Enjoy a dual-topic slider with our Pocket Slider (TM) - Saving for Your Retirement and All About Investing in the 401k. Saving for your retirement starts today! This marketing tool features guidelines to make the most of your 401k. What a terrific choice for real estate agencies and financial institutions. This is a terrific opportunity to promote your business. Add your company's logo and order yours today!
$0.55 and up
Building and maintaining open lines of communication with your teenager is essential to guiding, protecting and helping them during these transitional years. Our brochure, Key Points - Take Time Out to Talk to Your Teen pamphlets provide modern and practical advice that parents and guardians can use. Great for counseling centers, schools, mailing campaigns and much more, provide the proper tools they need and order today!
$0.32 and up
This Key Points(TM) - Facts on STDs gives you the information you need to know about sexually transmitted diseases plus tips to protect yourself. We explain what the common STDs are and what will and will not protect you from them. We also let you know what to do if you think you may have contracted one of these diseases. Our Key Points have an accordion style fold which is great to carry along in a pocket or wallet. Order today!
$0.32 and up
Identify theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country today, learn more with our Key Points - Identity Theft! Learn how to prevent it and what to do if it happens to you. This item features space to record what's in your wallet in the event that you become a victim. Use this product to build your brand and increase recognition. Great for customer retention, employee motivation, conferences, meetings, the possibilities are endless!
$0.32 and up
Be prepared in a crisis situation with our Emergency Tips Post Up! When time matters most, we let you know what to do in an emergency, what you need to know when calling 9-1-1 and what to do before the EMT's arrives. We also give you a place to include your personal emergency numbers. Remove the pressure sensitive tape and use it as a mini-poster or use it as is for a bookmark. This marketing tool makes a great addition to fundraisers.
$0.48 and up
Address an issue with this Pocket Slider (TM) on bullying, a major problem in US schools, affecting over three quarters of students. This informative guide gives parents a wealth of useful knowledge about how to identify and address bullying. No child should have to go to school afraid. This Pocket Slider is a perfect choice for any school, PTA, police force or end-user that wants to promote child wellness. Educate your campaign today!
$0.56 and up
Each year, thousands of people die or get injured in fires. Our Pocket Slider(TM) - Fire Hazards and Escape Plan pamphlet spells out informational tips on electrical, kitchen and storage safety. Plus, the second side provides tips for creating an escape plan so your loved ones can get our safely. A great educational took to present everyone during your firehouse's next open house or safety awareness campaign!
$0.56 and up
Allow this marketing tool to lend a "hand" during your company's upcoming campaign! Choose our Keyboard Wiz (TM) - Hand and Wrist Exercises. Displayed on your home or office keyboard, this insert teaches helpful techniques on hand massage, posture, wrist stretching and more. This marketing tool makes an excellent addition to any office. Add your logo to enhance your brand and start promoting. Order yours today!
$0.35 and up
Give customers some useful literature on fire safety after they complete a purchase while promoting your brand with this Hang Tag - Fire Safety product. This hanger is a great a tool to help prevent fires and prepare a plan in the event of a fire. It features perforated punch out rounds for 12 months of the year to test your smoke alarms. Invest in the great promotional giveaway right away.
$0.80 and up
Natural disasters can strike without warning and having a plan can save your life. Be prepared and ready for any event with this marketing tool. We have general tips as well as specific tips for hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, snowstorms, earthquakes and flash floods. Our Key Points have a compact accordion style fold which is great to carry along in a pocket or wallet since it folds down to the size of a credit card. Great for local government offices!
$0.32 and up
Drive your campaign with the Car Care Key Points pamphlet! This item includes an oil change record keeper as well as tips on what to do if you are in an accident. Also, it contains information on car maintenance and safety tips. The compact size makes this a great car accessory. Keep it in the glove box for quick reference and to keep a record of your car's maintenance. Never forget to change your oil and other important fluids for your car.
$0.32 and up
Your campaign will be a "safe" bet with this Better Books(TM) - Texting and Distracted Driving! Statistics show that more than 15 people are killed each day due to accidents involving distracted drivers. This new booklet will help show the importance of staying safe while on the road. Hand this booklet out during fundraisers, seminars and conferences to educate employees, clients and others. Make sure to order yours today!
$1.00 and up
Give patients useful literature on their health by offering this Pocket Slider - Ears, Eyes, Nose & Throat in your waiting room. Each pocket slider talks about how three of the main human senses function through the eyes, ears, and nose, and how voice modulation and the route to the stomach are controlled by the throat. This pocket slider is a great way to help patients keep all of these senses working their best.
$0.56 and up
Our Backache Prevention Pocket Slider(TM) will have your "back"! We define what a backache is, give some common causes and give tips on possible fixes such as drinking two glasses of water (as some backaches can be caused by dehydration) and initially treating with ice. Also, we talk about prevention and ways you can stop backaches before they start, including stretching, regular exercise, proper sleep, reducing stress and meditation.
$0.56 and up
Make a lasting impression at your next school seminar on the importance of safe driving practices by passing out this Pocket Slider - Texting & Distracted Drivers to all attendees. This colorful Pocket Slider(TM) provides the message that texting and other distractions vie for a driver's attention, resulting in thousands of accidents annually. The information in this slider studies the reality of these dangerous distractions and offers solutions.
$0.56 and up
Be prepared in the event of an emergency. You can help by following the steps listed in our CPR and Heimlich Maneuver Key Point. We teach the basics of lifesaving methods with easy instructions and illustrations. Our Key Points have a compact accordion style fold which is great to carry in a pocket or wallet as it folds down to the size of a credit card. Includes information on CPR, CPR for infants, rescue breathing and other lifesaving skills.
$0.32 and up
Use this Keyboard Wiz(TM) - Stretching for Your Health to "stretch" your campaign! Taking breaks while at your desk to stretch out will help you stay healthy and alert. Simple stretches can be done discretely and easily. This is a great way to stay flexible with easy stretching exercises. This Keyboard Wiz is a wonderful reminder for all of us to take a moment for ourselves. Reach out and stretch and order this item today!
$0.35 and up
This is a great choice in our "book"! This book marker provides a quick overview of steps to take in case of a fire and how to protect yourself and your family before a fire ever starts. This double-sided book slip is durable, attractive and great for educating your customers and clients. Plus, it's perfect for mailing since it fits perfectly in a #10 envelope. This product is an ideal giveaway during safety programs and school assemblies.
$0.32 and up
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